The Canadian Register of Health Service Psychologists (CRHSP) is the national credentialing body that has admitted more than 5000 psychologists across Canada throughout the past 25 years who have met CRHSP requirements for education, training and experience in psychological health care, as well as meeting the criteria required for provincial or territorial licensure.

Psychologists who are credentialed by CRHSP provide health services anchored in a distinct combination of scientific and professional training. Through their expertise in assessment and diagnosis, prevention and treatment, and consultation as well as in related research, CRHSP psychologists offer a wide range of services designed to ameliorate, maintain, promote and restore behavioural, cognitive, emotional, relational, and physical health of individuals, couples, families, groups, and organizations.

CRHSP credentialed psychologists assess and when appropriate diagnose problems in thinking, feeling and behaviour to help people understand or manage these problems. A CRHSP psychologist may use psychological tests to assist with assessment and diagnosis as well as help people overcome or manage their problems using a variety of treatments or therapies.