Professional stewardship is an important part of CRHSP’s work and a key collective benefit for all Registrants. By maintaining a nationally established set of standards for Health Service Psychologists based on education and experience requirements, CRHSP works with the profession in Canada and around the world to ensure that Health Service Psychology is understood as a profession with a duty to its members and the public.

CRHSP helps with professional stewardship through:

  • Establishing requirements for credentialling.
  • Championing a consistent set of professional standards that matches or exceeds the varied requirements of the provincial and territorial licensing boards.
  • Requiring, as of February 1, 2011, that all applicants for registration hold a doctoral degree.
  • Including two Public Representatives on its Board of Directors to ensure that the public is considered in all decisions and policies and that the interests and protection of the Canadian public is always part of its deliberations.
  • Requiring all Registrants to renew their credential each year to ensure that recent history, including any disciplinary or similar issues, is considered and that their practice profiles are up to date.

To learn more about how CRHSP helps with professional stewardship, please contact us at or 819-771-1441.